Our Story

Welcome to Me & Felix Neo, a family business inspired by loss and created with love.

My journey to Me & Felix Neo began in 2015 when our daughter Lilika Poppy was born sleeping just 10 weeks after the loss of her twin Strawberry.  A loss so great changes your world beyond repair, it also changes your perspective on life, love and family and highlights in vivid colour what is so important. 

Felix Neo is my cheeky six year old, he is my world and makes me who I am today, a proud and slightly exhausted "Boy Mumma!"

As a boy Mumma, looking forward to becoming a girl Mumma, I began to notice just how little amazing boy stuff there was in comparison to the amazing girl stuff! As annoying as it was, I didn’t put much thought into it, I was pregnant and I had a two year old!

Then I wasn’t pregnant anymore but I did have my gorgeous two year old boy and he deserved all the amazing stuff that girls have access to and the seed for our store was planted.

For three years I've been creating Me & Felix Neo in the back of my mind. The idea has changed a thousand times as my life, heart and mind became brighter and clearer. At times, I thought my idea would remain just that, an idea, but opportunities kept arising and in November 2018, Me & Felix Neo was born, literally in an afternoon.

Me & Felix Neo is an online store dedicated to boys & their Mumma’s. Our mission is to source unique, quality products from the best Aussie Makers & Creators we can find and bring them to you in one place. We are a small Australian Business choosing to only support other small Australian Businesses, it is our way to give back, support local and create a community.

In 2020, Me & Felix Neo are hoping to bring you Boys & their Mumma's (BAM Club) Days Out, which is basically exciting activities that you can do together with other Mumma's living the boy life. Stay tuned for more details.

So this store is dedicated to all you Mumma's of Boys out there!

We thank you for popping into our little piece of cyber space & welcome you into our family.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

With Love,

Kirsty xx